Alex Bag

Born in 1969, Alex Bag is a video artist with a BFA from Cooper Union who works with ideas of television, popular culture, and youth culture. Fall ’95 is a performance video documenting the life of a fictionalized art student played by Bag herself. It has eight seperate diary-like confessional entries, each entry marking a different semester at school. These entries are sandwiched between moments of surrealistic pop-influenced detritus (ex. a segment on two London punk girls talking about their band, a bit about Bjork taking apart a television, a Ronald McDonald puppet hitting on a Hello Kitty doll). Altogether it is an expression of anxiety, boredome and ambivalence that acknowledges its own dependence on the very stuff that causes those sentiments: advertising, popular culture, music, art, fashion, capitalism, etcetera.

First Semester:

Seventh Semester:

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