Implied Violence

I went to an extremely interesting and elaborate piece of performance art on Saturday at the Frye Art Museum. It was by a group called Implied Violence and involved a set up in the reflecting pond, moving sculptures and contraptions, ritual processions, archery and costumes. It dealt with themes mostly revolving around death, ritual, endurance and bodily harm…among other things. Check them out! I think their work is particularly pertinent to Maryanne and the direction she is moving in….they give the viewer a lot to think about as well as using props and costumes from their performances as post performance art pieces. Cynthia and I were both wishing you had come with us, Maryanne!

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1 Response to Implied Violence

  1. Maryann says:

    The last time I saw Cynthia she said that very same thing! I really wish I could have gone, or that I had known about it!

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