Blood Wallpaper

A thank you to Therese Buchmiller who suggested I look at artist Laura Splan.
I have added two of her bodies of work. The first three images deal with her blood wallpaper piece titled Wallpaper/Samples.

Wallpaper/Samples Info:

blood on wallpaper
14″H x 11″W each

“In Wallpaper/Samples the painting in blood follows the patterns and designs on actual wallpaper samples. This series of paintings explores the fluctuating experiences that images can evoke. The pleasant and familiar patterns on the wallpaper are in opposition to the visceral and unsettling medium with which they are outlined.”

The second and last three images are from her Integraded Bodies series which I think Tim Kenney might be interested in…. Take a look tim.

Integraded Bodies Info:

24”H x 36”W and 36”H x 24”W each
blood, archival pigment inkjet print on fine art paper

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Taken from her web site:

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