Perspective: NEW + IMPROVED

Twin brothers Ryan & Trevor Oakes have invented a new apparatus that improves upon older methods of linear perspective and tracing machines such as the camera obscura and camera lucida.  Whereas linear perspective (and transcription of one’s field of vision onto any flat surface) is a process based on distortion, Oakes/Oakes have created a parabolic easel that allows them to exploit binocular vision and trace scenes directly onto a piece of paper.

View images of a sculpture that illustrates this idea here.

And images of the actual device here.  The brothers were recently commissioned to do a series of three drawings in Chicago, one of which – a rendering of Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate in Millennium Park – has been receiving attention as a public sculpture.

Further reading, tracking the progression of their research chronologically:  “Double Vision: The Art of Trevor and Ryan Oakes” – Lawrence Weschler

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