“I Used To Throw Cats Vol II”

I Used To Throw Cats Vol ii — Cat Calendar 2011 by Paul Israel

(click image, and click “preview” to see the entire calendar)

Shameless promotion for my boyfriend, Paul Israel, who has a thing for photographing cats.  All cats featured in the calendar are local Bellingham cats (except for May), maybe you’ll recognize a few.  I know just about all of them.  Tasha (December) is my personal favorite cat, she’s 17 and is the sweetest 4 pound cutie that just wants to cuddle, I adore her.  Great Christmas gift!  🙂

Also, Paul used Lulu.com, which allows you to upload your calendar/book/etc of your making and allow it to be available for purchase.  So you don’t have to deal with money/shipping.  Great idea for anyone interested in mass producing their work.  (I have not yet seen the quality of the calendar, but I can let people know once I get my calendar.)

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