jesper just

Jesper Just is a video artist. Here is an excerpt from an essay written about him in 2006 by Hannah Barry:

The dozen or so short films that Jesper Just has made to date are outstanding for their refusal to adhere to the documentary tendencies and low-fi aesthetic character favored in recent video art. Positing himself as both director and editor, Just composes narrative films with obscure denouements. Stripped of prolonged spoken dialogue or ambient sound, his films are composed for a repertory cast: a single (usually male) lead character with a small supporting (also male) chorus.

For each film Just assembles a grand production, engaging trained actors and singers, sound and lighting engineers, and camera operators. His dexterous choreography of these elements results in a sumptuous filmic object. He employs mechanisms more commonly associated with lavish “motion picture” productions for cinema: notably his trompe l’oeil cinematographic vision, manifested in elaborate chiaroscuro combinations of light and half-light; tight control of changes in perspective and arrangement of the cast in majestic tableaux vivants; and a miniaturist’s hypersensitivity in committing human emotions to film, his precise handling of the camera capturing the subtleties of sadness, melancholy, and grief as well as of prolonged expressionlessness and impassivity.

When I watch his work I think of many different people, but most specifically David Lynch, Matthew Barney, Todd Solondz, Gus Van Sant, Pedro Almodovar, and Gaspar Noe. Just attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts  and graduated in 2003.  He is represented in  Paris, Copenhagen, and New York (Perry Rubenstein Gallery).  He is 36 years old.

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces of his:


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