David Spriggs

David Spriggs creates nearly 3-dimensional sculptures from acrylic painting on multiple sheets of transparent mylar. Viewed straight on, the images have an almost holographic feel, shifting around without freezing in a singularly unchanging form. From the side, the process of one’s viewing experience is revealed in the horizontally stacked, sequential sheets of rendered information. Color and density of mark give a glimpse into a subtle, abstract object – galaxies, tunnels, and nebulous forms edging towards red and blue shifts.

Check out his website: David Spriggs, especially if you are interested in cosmology, perception, and virtual modes of representation.

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4 Responses to David Spriggs

  1. You are showing work of David Spriggs, the first and third image are mine. Please correct this and correctly credit me with my work. See http://www.davidspriggs.com. I would appreciate help in correcting this as this is being reblogged. If you want to just write about Xia then please remove my images.

  2. John spencer says:

    Here are many images by David Spriggs http://www.davidspriggs.com.
    Even the write up calling them spatial paintings is from a web description of his work. You should credit him correctly.
    There are many variations of this error all over the web

  3. You have to change this my work is being shown and you are crediting another artist. See http://www.davidspriggs.com
    Change or remove, this is not the first time I have asked you to do this.

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