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The Illusionist [a movie review]

Playing at the Pickford now: The Illusionist is an incredible story directed by Sylvain Chomet, the same man who brought us Triplets of Belleville in 2003.  I should say that I loved Triplets, and so I came into The Illusionist … Continue reading

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Gail Dawson

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Ambera Wellmann

Just love these paintings, she’s a student at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Halifax.

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Kinetic Sculpture

This is a really neat little video about a guy who has been working on making “new life forms” for several years of his life.  Check it out.  It’s truly amazing!

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In response to the last posting I give you this…

I have always enjoyed watching how these two make their work:  

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Supakitch and Koralie

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Hi all, I am not sure if there are any other film lovers in this class, but hopefully this post will spark some interest.  My boo and I have a movie blog site, a site that both of us have … Continue reading

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Google Street View in the Museums

Google has created a new project where they go through art museums the same as google street view.

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Dennis McNett at the VU Gallery!!!

Everybody! Visiting artist Dennis McNett is building wicked shit in the VU Gallery, leading up to an opening on Thursday. Dennis makes large-scale woodcuts, and intense mythological-animal sculptures out of plywood and chicken wire, surfaced with printed material. He just … Continue reading

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