Awesome Places for Inspiration

These are the sites I always spend waaaay too much time looking at, you get to see a lot of great art all in one place, what could be better than that? They often make me wish I was dead (there is an overwhelming amount of awesomeness online), but more often they just give me good ideas.

Fuck Yeah Illustration is a blog of awesome illustrations, she just collects other artists stuff. Lots of different artists here.

owles by ~oakyoh on deviantART

(via smokingmegaphone) on fuckyeahillustration , so much reblogging

Discovered this while I was trying to be a good sourcer, super awesome, lots of great drawings!

Joao Ruas on the smoking gun

Share Some Candy, I go here for the Illustration section, but the other bits are fun too!

Wil Freeborn on sharesomecandy

Three other good sites, visit them if you haven’t, it’s FUN!


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