Lady Gaga knows what I am saying.

Lady Gaga’s music video for her song Judas:

Actually I’m not sure about that because “the crew” is not biker specific, but the video’s tone is kind of how I feel as a girl hanging out with a bunch of people who all run together and I can kindof run along with them, but I am not a perma-member of the crew, my privlege can be revoked at anytime of a severe infraction of the code.

Pay close attention to the jewlery, and the hoods that she wears in this video. The way she is looking around on the bike at the beginning of the video before she openes her mouth  is kinda how i look around when I first started being around these people. Although they dont have the “drunken” parties and stumbling that occurs across the entire crowd, there still are some exceptions.

I did not chose it for the lyrics, just the visual. Perhaps try listening to it without the music.

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