Changed my idea a bit…

Although it seems like the blog has been mostly used for showing other artists we find, I’m looking for some input on my own stuff instead this time.

I talked to half the class in the last critique about how I wanted the beads to look like pixels on the mannequin heads, but it was brought to my attention that it would be nice to have more than colors for information about what is going on. (The one I showed during the critique was actually a trial though, if I had done it how I was picturing it the beads would have been painted individually before being glued on.) Also, the fabric I chose was masking the colors too much, making it all kind of confusing.

When I changed my plans, I decided to use words instead of color and tulle instead of organza. I wanted to keep with the technology aspect, as I’d planned with the pixels, because the idea of handcrafted objects in conjunction with technology is something that appeals to me and it is what separates me from my five grandmothers (who I am basing my series on, and yes…there are five) in how we relate to some things. So the lettering isn’t part of a poem or a story, exactly, but a blog post about how I relate to each grandmother. It’s how I like to write and it feels comfortable explaining my relationship with each of them…with some humor and sarcasm, in a most loving way. 🙂

The tulle used for the veils/masks will be the same idea as the blue trial piece I did of myself above, but hopefully tulle will let more of the shapes and lettering come through.

I’d love ideas or opinions on how this is working since the trial piece I had at the last critique was not at all what I wanted to show people.

Cheers, classmates!

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