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In response to the last posting I give you this…

I have always enjoyed watching how these two make their work:  

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Di Liu: Animal Regulation Series

25 year old Chinese photographer has been awarded the 2010 Lacoste Elysee prize. Liu is known for his work which deals with conflicting relationships between nature and human society by the rate of Chinese urban development. Hailey I thought you … Continue reading

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Killing the Colony

Jen Graves piece on the 619 building is a necessary read for those interested in the state of arts in Seattle. Killing the Colony Meet the hundred artists the tunnel bureaucrats don’t care about displacing. “Last Wednesday afternoon at the … Continue reading

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Cayetano Ferrer

Artist Cayetano Ferrer uses photography in a quite interesting and radically different way. Instead of photography functioning to capture, Ferrer uses his camera to create the transparent. For more on Ferrer-click here  

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Got a flesh wound? Why not print some new skin?

This is too interesting not to post. Thank God for ink jet printers.

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85th Annual International Competition: Printmaking

First of all if you haven’t checked out The Print Center you must. While I know most of you print oriented people already know exactly what I am talking about because of the conference last year that does not mean … Continue reading

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Say what grandma?

So while searching for reference materials for my next woodblock I came across this artist. From what I can gather (the web site is in French? I believe…) this photographer is genius. He takes pictures of his grandma and his … Continue reading

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So very much up my alley. Listen while you work. It will really make you think how skewed the basis of our judgements can be.

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It Gets Better

This post while not art related, is important. Dan Savage started this project called “It Gets Better” Their statement: “Justin Aeberg. Billy Lucas. Cody Barker. Asher Brown. Seth Walsh. Raymond Chase. Tyler Clementi. All the names of American teenagers … Continue reading

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Blood Wallpaper

A thank you to Therese Buchmiller who suggested I look at artist Laura Splan. I have added two of her bodies of work. The first three images deal with her blood wallpaper piece titled Wallpaper/Samples. Wallpaper/Samples Info: 2003 blood on … Continue reading

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