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How Ink Is Made

A very enthusiastic and well-filmed explanation of how printing ink is made. Advertisements

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William Lamson

Check out the work of Video/Performance artist William Lamson.  Overly elaborate interpretations of simple tasks, focus on archery and aim, black balloons get popped, firecracker banana facemask/headress is worn and ignited. Vital Capacity – The artist’s head is enclosed in … Continue reading

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Wet-Plate Collodion Ambrotype Artist Portrait Project

Seattle based photographer and printmaker Daniel Carrillo has been documenting artists, gallerists, and at least one paid art critic in a series of wet-plate collodion ambrotypes.  Pictured are four of his subjects – these images were featured in The Stranger … Continue reading

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Damien Hirst’s new installation

Maybe you guys presenting on Monday can make use of this.  “School: The Archaeology of Lost Desires, Comprehending Infinity, and the Search for Knowledge,” is an installation made up of 30 dead sheep, one dead shark, two sides of beef, … Continue reading

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An interesting text-based web art group out of Seoul. They also do multi-channel video installation. -Tim

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Call for Student Work

For the few fiber artist we have in the class, or really anyone who might be interested, -Tim

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