Angela Fraleigh

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Phoebe Cummings


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Buckminster Fuller

Fuller published more than 30 books, inventing and popularizing terms such as “Spaceship Earth“, ephemeralization, and synergetic. He also developed numerous inventions, mainly architectural designs, the best known of which is the geodesic dome. Carbon molecules known as fullerenes were later named by scientists for their resemblance to geodesic spheres.

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A High-End Camera With an Antique Lens

A thread on the Cinema5D forum – a website for those who use Canon 5D cameras in filmmaking – revealed a very interesting  way to capture that vintage look while still getting the benefits of digital photography.

Photographer Timur Civan came across this idea while searching through a box of parts at a friend’s camera store.  Inside the box was a Wollensak 35mm F5.0 Cine-Velostigmat camera lens from 1908.  He was fascinated by the lens, but even more so when his friend chipped in with “I can make this fit EF you know.”

A few hours later Civan has a lens from 1908 mounted on his Canon EOS 5D MK II and was out taking photos.  The results are amazing, and look as if they were taken a hundred years ago.  You can check out the thread and see more pictures at Cinema5D.

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Essential Eames: The Design of Knowledge October 13, 2011 – April 28, 2012

Essential Eames explores the classic yet contemporary educational philosophies of Charles and Ray Eames through an intimate look at their films, exhibitions, presentations, and former staff members’ recollections. Three additional components from the original 1961 exhibition, Mathematica: A World of Numbers . . . and Beyond, are also featured: the Moebius Strip, History Wall and Image Wall.

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great interview with Jeff Brouws


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Little People Project: Big Wonders of The Small World by Slinkachu [Gallery]

NEW YORK | Sunday, July 3rd, 2011 6:36pm EDT


London-based artist Slinkachu creates little miracles: he installs tiny figures in city’s landscape and then takes pictures of them.

I know these are not a new phenomenon, but the series is so tight that all the work fits together and is a lot of fun to look at.

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